Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Building a cheap quad. Step 5: Expect things to fail and not go as planned

Since this is a cheap frame, I should have thought not all screws will be provided. It did not have any screws for the motor, luckily I had 8 spare... but I needed 16. I went to 2 hardware store and 1 auto store, none of them has a M3 that is 6mm short. I am glad my neighbour has heaps of RC parts, as he used to own a hobby shop and still has a few planes of his own.

The Pixhawk FC is a open source hardware and software platform. Much like Linux before, there are lots of loose documentation. I almost bricked my FC after 2 failed firmware updates. Also did not realise there are 2 different firmware for it.

I have got also some failed parts, which I did not order extra parts on. 1 of the ESC has failed, must be dud... or I smoked it after a few mins. Wrong firmware on the FC perhaps. The safety switch LED also does not work.

Anyway ordered the failed parts and I need to start reading more about the Pixhawk.. maybe next week things will all work and go as planned.

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