Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wiring up some First Person View (FPV) video feed

Been busy for the past few weeks, today it was rainy.  So I finally got the shipped items to make my initial FPV.  It was pretty straight forward, some wiring and soldering.

I opted to get a basic 5.8ghz system for now.  This should be good for 500-1000m range with clear line of sight, from what I read.  Need to test/verify this on a good day.

I am still using a Mobius camera.  I got the Mobius video cable which goes from the USB port of the camera to the video transmitter (VTX).  The pins of the Mobius video cable is a direct match for the Boscam TS351.  No soldering required, just don't use the Boscam cable and directly fit the mobius video cable (yellow-black).

To power the VTX I opted to use my main battery.  I currently use a 3S LIPO battery, so I did not need to step down the voltage.  I only used a Fat Shark power filter.  Take note its important to reverse the wire polarity of the Fat Shark power cable, as the Boscam positive and negative terminals are the other way around of the Fat Shark.  I then just cut and soldered a splitter on the balance cable of the 3S battery.

My ground station video receiver (VRX) is still very basic.  I just opted to get a 7" monitor, will just get some goggles sometime in the future.  Some soldering and wiring was done.  I made a simple JST plug to 2.1mm adapter for the power.  Got some RCA male to male adapters.  Also made a simple JST splitter.  The 500mah 3S Lipo seems to last for about 45 mins or more, enough for my current flight times.

Perhaps the more fun project is fitting the Ladybird with a 808 #16 keychain camera.  The 808 is a 720p HD camera.  The little bug seems to fly with this heavy payload for a good 3 mins, using only the stock 280mah battery.  I got some 360mah battery coming.  This little bug will really give some good fun for my daughter.