Monday, March 3, 2008

Armored Core 4

Its been a while since I posted, been busy and also having fun playing Armored Core 4 (AC4). I have always liked playing with mech games, I have played MechWarrior from 1 to 4. I guess maybe since I was a kid I got exposed to Gundam and one of the first games I placed on my PC XT was Battletech.

I really liked AC4 because its fast and yet you need to think. As one reviewer put it "its a cross between Virtua On and MechWarrior". I really like the fast pace battle and it has the Japanese touch to mechs, something I missed on MechWarrior where things are much slower and less Japanese touch. I also liked how you can customized your mech, but veterans of the AC series indicated that AC4 had less depth than previous games. I think I have missed this series, much like Grand Turismo and was only able to discover it much later.