Sunday, August 19, 2007

Forza 2 quick review

Its been a while since I last put a blog, I have been busy at work and playing with Forza 2 (F2). Forza 2 is a really nice driving/racing game, I bought a XBOX 360 since there is no Grand Turismo 5 yet for PS3. Forza 2 is the closest to Grand Turismo 4 (GT4). I am comparing F2 with GT4, here is quick take:

  • F2 has less cars, but has more better spread of cars. You get good representation from different manufacturers and eras. Not that GT4 has poor selection of cars, its just that F2 has a better coverage.
  • F2 has pretty good physics, not sure if its better than GT4... but its pretty good.
  • I normally turn off music while driving, but I do miss GT4 and other Grand Turismo soundtrack. F2 soundtrack is... errr not my era?
  • I miss the sound of 4 rotary engine Mazda 787B, however the Porsche 962 in F2 do make up for the absence of the screaming Mazda.
  • I like F2 damage model, its not realistic but its a lot better than none at all.
Overall GT4 has really raised the bar, however F2 has responded pretty well. I just wish I don't regret buying a XBOX 360 when GT5 goes out.