Monday, August 11, 2014

Some tweaking of the quad after some flights

I have updated my settings after a few flights.

Cut the extended legs a bit, as the stock dji extended legs are too tall and bouncy.  Even the RTH can't land the quad without it falling over.

I have also change my gains to make it less wobble.  Current gains are:

145% Pitch 145% Roll 140% Yaw 120% Vertical
140% Pitch 145% Roll

I have also mapped the IOC to X2 using the FMOD switch.

Naza Lite Walkera Devo RX1002 Walkera Devo 10
A AILE Aileron (reverse)
E ELEV Elevator
T THRO Throttle
R RUDD Rudder (reverse)
U AUX1 Flap/Mix (trim U 84.5% D 84.5% subtrim U 5.5%)
X1 AUX4 Aux4
X2 AUX2 Fmod (reverse trim U 90% D 90%)

Also changed the failsafe voltage to be higher on first level:

first level 10.6v 0.20v 10.40v
second level 10.20v 0.20v 10.00v

Some flights of it:

Friday, August 1, 2014

Done the finishing touches, quad is ready to fly

I have setup the Flight Controller FC, Radio Control RC, mount a Mobius action camera and legs.  Got all the functionality mapped on the FC.  It should switch to different flight modes, GPS, Altitude hold and manual.  I setup the failsafe switch so it would go back to its take off point when it looses radio signal or on flip of a failsafe switch.

Unfortunately I can't fly it over the weekend, there is bad storm.  Its very gusty and raining hard.

Here are some details of my initial setup:

Wiring between FC and RX

Naza Lite Walkera Devo RX1002

Naza Lite Assistant Settings and DEVO 10 settings to make them work

DEVO 10 is setup in airplane mode

Basic / GPS Mount
X -2cm
Y -4cm
Z 12cm
Also my GPS puck on the quad is rotated about 10 degrees towards the right.  This is to compensate for the magnetic declination.  See manual on Toilet Bowl Effect.

Basic / RC - I have used the default settings on DEVO 10 where all channels are normal.  I then setup the NAZA with the following:
A - Reverse
E - Normal
T - Normal
R - Reverse

The flight modes is controlled by the Mix switch (labeled as Flap on airplane mode).  For the U channel to set on the correct areas (GPS, Atti, and Manual)  I have set following on the DEVO 10
Trim / Flap U 84.5% D 84.5%
Sub Trim / Flap U 5.5%

I then used the Gear switch, to move U channel into the fail safe zone.  I used a program mix to achieve this.
Program Mix 1
master: Gear
slave: Flap
Pos 0(+) -50%

I have also the DEVO 10 failsafe to move the flaps should the radio loose signal

Failsafe flap U50%

I also set the "Fixed ID" binding, its needed so that when the radio signal is re-established you can take control again.  Otherwise you will need to power down the transmitter and receiver again to bind it.

For the gains I have used Aux4 and 5 knobs to adjust it.  Here are my initial parameters:

165 Pitch 165 Roll 150 Yaw 150 Vertical
Altitude 100 Pitch 100 Roll

Assign X1 and X2 to which one I wanted to adjust.  I then set the DEVO 10 trims and sub trim so the gain % difference is not big.

Aux4 Trim U40% D40% sub trim +7.0%
Aux5 Trim U40% D40% sub trim +12.0%

My initial failsafe voltage:

first level 10.5v 0.20v 10.30v
second level 10.20v 0.20v 10.00v