Monday, August 11, 2014

Some tweaking of the quad after some flights

I have updated my settings after a few flights.

Cut the extended legs a bit, as the stock dji extended legs are too tall and bouncy.  Even the RTH can't land the quad without it falling over.

I have also change my gains to make it less wobble.  Current gains are:

145% Pitch 145% Roll 140% Yaw 120% Vertical
140% Pitch 145% Roll

I have also mapped the IOC to X2 using the FMOD switch.

Naza Lite Walkera Devo RX1002 Walkera Devo 10
A AILE Aileron (reverse)
E ELEV Elevator
T THRO Throttle
R RUDD Rudder (reverse)
U AUX1 Flap/Mix (trim U 84.5% D 84.5% subtrim U 5.5%)
X1 AUX4 Aux4
X2 AUX2 Fmod (reverse trim U 90% D 90%)

Also changed the failsafe voltage to be higher on first level:

first level 10.6v 0.20v 10.40v
second level 10.20v 0.20v 10.00v

Some flights of it:


Mike Fuday said...

You have quite a bit of jello. How is your camera mounted?

Jun Yamog said...

The video above is just a möbius camera on Velcro. I have since then added a foam in between which hopefully would reduce it. I also noticed more vibration on GPS mode.