Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Building a cheap quad. Step 3: Setup the HK Pilot32 (Pixhawk clone) Flight Controller (FC)

I always wanted to have a Pixhawk FC, but I am on a budget. So a clone of it, the HK Pilot32 will do
I did not realise there where a few choices for ground station software and firmware. I initially used qgroundcontrol and flashed the firmware. The 1st flash failed, gladly a 2nd flash worked. I went through some calibration steps, some of the documentation is a bit outdated. To matters worse I did not realise that there are different ground station software and firmware, so doing a google on pixhawk may give you links to different ones. Example there are a slight variation from the qgroundcontrol and APM mission planner buzzer/beep codes.

My safety switch LED light also is not working.

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