Friday, December 26, 2008

HP 6910p on Ubuntu 8.10 / Intrepid Ibex

My HP 6910p is still running after 1 year. Hardware is still fine, I did a clean install of Intrepid a few days ago. So far its alright, the only problem I encountered was with wireless. Kinda weird that Hardy worked just fine, however it is a known issue and is clearly stated on Intrepid release notes. I had to add backports and then install the backported modules.

sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid

Since I also liked the radeonhd, works great with the HP docking station. I also installed it.

apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd

Aside from that everything is still alright. I also noticed that suspend and resume works faster. The harddisk aggressive power management seems to have been taken cared of with Intrepid. I will be observing the load cycle times for the next few days.


mizu said...

Hey, I noticed that the card reader works right with Intrepid, great!

BTW, the "harddisk aggressive power management" isn't quite OK for me. Well my disk is not of the faulty ones though, but despite setting timeouts through hdparm (using laptop-mode-tools 1.45 - and seeing in the debug output), it parks after 5-10 sec. After short spinups it spins down in a second. So it keeps parking and spinning up every 10 seconds:( Wears down the drive, slows down the work.

I set the timeout to 10mins. On Hardy it worked great, it parked after 10mins and didn't do that so often.

Any suggestions?

Jun Yamog said...


Not sure. You might want to make sure your scripts are being called. I remember from Gutsy to Hardy the acpi script changed, I had to modify it a bit.

mizu said...

Oh, they are called surely, as I can see on the debubg outputs (VERBOSE mode).

When setting to "128" it just begins to click very frequently (without spinning down). Set to "1" it's the case above. So I switched off completely (set to "254"). The disk is a Fujitsu MHW208.

When viewing on smartctl info, which value is right in the line
"Airflow_Temperature_Cel"? The "VALUE" or the "RAW_VALUE"?

BTW, last kernel update yesterday (2.6.27-11) made my fan "always on": it won't stop even on battery (as before)...

Jun Yamog said...

I don't know which one is the correct value for Airflow_Temperature_Cel

I have always my fan on I didn't notice this. The fan still does run low or high depending on load.