Sunday, September 21, 2008

Acer support and cashback (part 2)

Now here is my cashback experience from Acer.
  • Jul 21 - Posted the required form, box cut out of the snid and invoice
  • checking the cashback status from time to time at Acer cashback website. Has always been on status where the documents hasn't been received yet.
  • Sep 8 - I noticed my status says "declined due to documents were not received by the due date". I emailed the cashback email address asking them how can this happen, and I asked them to give me some good explanation why on earth a mail from New Zealand to Australia will take 5-7 weeks to arrive.
  • Sep 9 - I noticed my status says "processing, check will be issued on ... November *something*"
  • Sep 16 - I got an email from Acer cashback telling me that they never recieved my documents. They are asking me to email or fax copies of the form, snid and invoice. I emailed them the digital copies of it, except for the box cut out of the snid. Its impossible for me to produce one as it was sent in the mail, I just shot a photo of the my snid on the bottom of the laptop.
  • Sep 17 - I got mail from Acer, its the $99 check. ?!? Are these guys confused of my status or what? Or did suddenly their cashback turnaround processing time is within 12 hours?
Acer cashback is not that bad if you only look into what happened on the start and end. I got the $99 cashback in 1.5 months, I was expecting it to be longer than that. However given that they are certainly confused or just radomly picking cashback status, their cashback is really poor. Oh yeah before getting the cashback form you will be bombarded with extended warranty option.

For those who go into Acer cashback process here are the following things that might help you.
  • scan the snid box cut out. Expect the worst that the mail will get lost, most likely somewhere in the cashback dept of Acer.
  • declined doesn't mean anything. They are just actually confused with your status, or probably trying to see if you the type of person that would just accept a decline status.
  • push for your cashback

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