Friday, July 16, 2010

Low tech stuff

I have started on computers when its wasn't hip yet. When I was a kid, I toyed around a PC XT on green monochrome monitor. Then on to doing BASIC, then to over clocking on a Pentium when Asus brought out the first overclock board. Buying a linux book to get a slackware CD as downloading over a 2400bps modem is very slow. Time has passed so fast.

Lately the latest and greatest tech stuff hasn't been appealing for me. I do get touch the nice smart phones at work. Although new tech stuff isn't as appealing as before. Not sure why, maybe just too many tech stuff going around these days.

Back in the 80s there was something cool, which wasn't computers. I am talking about RC. Remote Control cars, me and my son have a few them.

These are low tech stuff, but very interesting for me. Its one of the interesting things to me as kid back then, aside from playing space wars on a PC XT. This appeals for me especially now as my son is able to build and play with me right now.

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