Friday, July 16, 2010

HP 6910p, Acer 4315, HP dv6000 on Ubuntu 10.04 / Lucid Lynx

Its been a while since I posted on this blog. Been very busy and had a few months not really keen about computers, more on that later. Anyway for the past few weeks I have installed Lucid on my aging laptops. So far Lucid has been pretty good. Everything runs right out of the box, I needed to install restricted wireless drivers for the Acer 4315 and HP dv6000. Very easy now, as you can do this on GUI. Gone are the days of downloading tars balls, patching kernels, compile and create kernel images.

There has been some minor issues. The Acer 4315 after resume has the wireless disabled sometimes. The volume is now better for Acer 4315. At times after resume the screen brightness is set to lowest, doesn't seem to appear lately.

For the 6910p xrandr is now able to rotate the screen. So at work my 2nd dvi monitor is vertically oriented. Great when doing code. My xrandr script has something like this.

xrandr --output DVI-0 --auto --rotate left --right-of LVDS --crtc 1

What I really liked about upgrading to Lucid is it seems LXC (Linux Containers) seems to be good enough now. I have stayed away from vserver and openvz, as I didn't have much time patching the kernel, then patching again all hardware to work (e.g. wireless) and suspend to work. Will have another post on how to get LXC running on Lucid pretty fast and hassle free.

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