Friday, January 25, 2008

Fingerprint reader on 6910p

I tried to make the fingerprint reader on the 6910p to work. Surprisingly it works alright. I grabbed the packages and instruction from here.

I then run fprint_demo and registered by right index finger. So far its alright, its not perfect. There are shortcoming (mostly not the fault of fprint) like what is pointed at this thread.


fly3rman said...

Hi, no way to contact you per email, so ill post it in the comments.
Iam running a blog,
Mostly in german, and i also have an 6910p and try to get my ubuntu running fine =). Also tried your fixes.
Are you ok if i copy your code-fixes to my "experiences with 6910p" site? With credits and links of course. I want to collect all infos about the laptop on my page.

Jun Yamog said...


You are more than welcome to get any content from posts. Hey we use open source stuff, so we must be pretty open to sharing stuff. I wish I could read german though, your blog looks interesting.


fly3rman said...

nice, thanks =)
Maybe i should post some english entrys =)

by the way, upgraded my gutsy to hardy. it worked and standy seems to work fine now (had problems before).