Tuesday, June 19, 2007

HP Laptops

Since about 2 years ago I have started to use laptops and moved away from the desktop PC. For one reason or another I have owned HP laptops, using casually (not owning) IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell and ASUS laptops. I ended up with a HP Laptop specifically: nx8220, zx5000 and dv6000.

Comparing the 3 after using them for sometime, I can see the HP business laptop is more solidly built. They are dull and black, but they are better in terms of build quality and function. The dv6000 even being the latest of the 3 had the worst keyboard, although they are still better than your average laptop... still the older nx8220 is better. The nx8220 keyboard is not IBM Thinkpad grade, but they are pretty good. The old zx5000 gets hands down having the best speaker, the harmon/kardon are really good better than dv6000 altec lansing. The touchpad of the dv6000 is not good, more weight was put on the design than function. It sits on the center of the laptop, so my right hand keeps on touching it accidentally. I need to constantly turn off the touchpad of the dv6000. The nx8220 has the less creaks and flex, even if its already 2 years old. The nx8220 is solid and has almost no creaks while under normal use. The dv6000 is noisy, of course the zx5000 is more noisy but considering the zx5000 is using a p4 3.0ghz northwood processor and the dv6000 is using the cooler core 2 duo 2.0ghz... its surprising to hear the fan turn on and off. The nx8220 has the worse screen of the 3, its really crap compared to the other laptops.

The nx8220 is pretty good for development work, despite having a dull design and a poor screen. I guess I should buy a business laptop next time, it seems to fit my needs... they are just a bit expensive though. I was expecting more from the dv6000, however its really just a replacement for the zx5000... a consumer laptop is really just a consumer laptop.

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