Friday, March 23, 2007

Reading a book because someone told me so.

Today I started to read a book by Martin Fowler, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. Primarily because I flunked 1 job interview, since they where asking about mostly about "what" questions, not much "how" and "why". I had a hard time answering them, even though I did a lot of big systems before. I even goofed up some simple questions. However my next job interview went well, even gave me a better offer. The panel from this interview where more interested on the "how" and "why" things. They didn't look for me to answer all the terminologies correctly, I was even given a chance to use the whiteboard to further explain.

I was however curious to read the book, as one of the guy in the first panel told me to read it. As I have discovered I knew a lot of the patterns, however I was not aware of them. The book is pretty ok, especially the fact regarding to identify patterns so it can easily be communicated with other developers.

First thing that I learned about being a good architect. There is no concrete architect role, however one is needed to communicate to people outside software development that role is for a person that thinks beyond the code.

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