Friday, March 16, 2007

Keylogger shown on TV news, gives cut and paste as security solutions... how secure.

I was watching some TV news show, TV NZ's Close Up. It was talking about keylogger, what news I thought. Anyway its good for folks not in computers to get them more aware. It wasn't really bad, its telling how do keylogger works and how easy for net cafes to have one installed. Then it came to the part on how to secure yourself from it... you bring a flash drive with a file containing your username and password. Then cut and paste your username and password. Wow what a secure and great solution, how the heck this got passed the editors or even the so called security expert they interviewed.

The special should appear below, on the March 16 show.

If there one thing that is worse about security problems its proposing solutions that are false and gives false security sense.

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