Thursday, June 28, 2012

Explaining C++, Java and Scala to my son

Last night my son was asking about computers again.  I think the conversation came about, what language is on my screen.  I told him its Java and Scala.  I talked about what is assembly, C, C++ and Objective-C and how it relates to Scratch and Kojo.

He asked about why it was named as C++, then I showed him a Java typical loop which is based C where we increment a counter.

int c = 0;
while (c <= 10) {

He asked how the loop will be done in Scala.  I started w/ a for comprehension, as he is familiar w/ loops on Scratch and Kojo.

for (c <- 0 to 10) {
Then he asked me about the for, <-, etc.

I then changed the code into

0 to 10 foreach println

His reaction "that is so awesome it's like english!"

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