Friday, December 21, 2007

Vista resize ntfs partition woes

I just got a HP 6910p, I am now resizing the vista partition to make way for linux. Unlike the HP dv6000, this Vista on HP 6910p didn't want to resize as much as I wanted. It only gave me 7mb, despite following the workarounds listed here:

Nothing worked PowerDefragmenter, Auslogics Disk Defrag, PageDefrag, diskpart.exe, etc. I finally went on to just use gparted as documented here:

Fortunately for me vista just fdisk itself and I didn't need to use the recovery disk, which I left in the office. I used gparted live cd 0.3.4-11

Now time to install gutsy...


Ham-the-geek said...

That's an awesome notebook. It has almot the same specs as a t61. What made you decide to get the hp ?

Jun Yamog said...

The t61 was not available in WXGA+ (1440x900) and no 7200rpm hd in NZ. Its also slightly better in terms of:

- weight (2.1kgs)
- slimmer
- looks a bit better, screen on the center and 6 cell battery does not bulge

I owe it to you for pointing out that a 14.1" is a lot better than 15.4" for everyday travel. I got a few linux adventures with this laptop that I can hopefully blog a few days later.