Sunday, October 14, 2007

Forza 2 Hire driver

I have been playing a bit for Forza 2, its really nice. I normally play with the max difficulty settings (no driving aids, hard, simulation, etc.). Its been hard playing the endurance races as I don't have continuous time at hand, I have to take care of our baby daughter.

I find the hire driver to be poor compared to GT4 b-spec mode. Here is what I think:
  • You can't dictate the strategy to the driver, like aggressive and cruise, etc. You are essentially an audience unlike in GT4 where you are like the pit crew.
  • There is practically zero pit strategy. In GT4 I don't always change all of the tyres and do a full refuel, this gives you full incentive to think about pit strategy.
  • You can't swap drivers. In GT4 sometimes I take the first drive and be aggressive, then make a pit and let the computer take over with cruise mode. I have driven some endurance races in GT4 fully, but there are tracks that are a bit boring and sometimes b-spec is nice too.
  • You can't fast forward the time line. I guess its not much of a real issue since all of F2 endurance races are short compared to GT4
Forza 2 is great, but it sure can improve on the Hire driver feature. Can't wait for Forza 3 or GT5.

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