Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Javascript revisited

Its been years since I did some Javascript. Been doing it since Netscape 3.x. I had to do some Javascript again for a web app. I found this great Javascript Reference

It really helped me since the date functions setMonth and getMonth is Month minus 1 (MM-1). Their bomb icon really helped me that its a known gotcha. I might have known this before, but it has fallen out of my memory.

I have always used this Netscape Navigator JavaScript Guide before. How things have changed, Navigator is now a minority. And how things are also the same, Firefox/Mozilla is still the best browser to develop on. Firebug, Web dev toolbar, etc.

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Ham-the-geek said...

Front end developers have never had it easier now that firefox and firebug is around.

IE might still dominate the end user segment but I'm willing to bet a pretty penny that 99.9% of web developers are using firefox with firebug.

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